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Manufacturing: We have our own factory in Asia producing various household goods, including our own brand of

Kortari By JCW product line, as well as Private label products. 

With direct ownership of the factory, we have been able to offer our North America customers higher grade products at lower prices. This enables customers to focus on their core business in North America rather than trying jump through all the “hoops” in Asia.

Wholesale: We provide retailers quality household goods at excellent wholesale prices, including our own quality Kortari By JCW product line. We can also produce quality private label products with your brand.

Sourcing in Asia: For those who need products or manufacturing in Asia, we are able to assist you with sourcing in Asia. With our deep roots in both Canada and Asia, we are able to use our years of expertise to source the Right products and most importantly Right prices for customers like you.

Thank you so much for visiting our site. We look forward to doing business with you.


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